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  • Linear Actuator

    Hydraulic Value Actuator

    Linear actuator is designed structure that makes Rod move up and down by pushing Piston due hydraulic pressure supplied from outside. It can be applied Globe valve, Angle valve, Gate valve, Surface valve and Storm valve related to hydraulic valve actuator.

  • Hydraulic Valve Actuator


Max. Working Pressure
135 kg/㎠
Operating Fluid
Hydraulic Oil
Temp. Range
-20℃ - 80℃
Actuator Type
Double Acting

Dimension Table

Dimension Table Model HAC-D04 HAC-D05 HAC-D06 HAC-D07 HAC-D09 HAC-D12 HAC-D15
ΦD(mm) 98 102 116 136 170 210 240
H (mm) 172+2×st 172+2×st 172+2×st 182+2×st 182+2×st 235+2×st 235+2×st
Weight (Kg) 8 22 34 75 130 230 350
Oil Vol (cc) 0.9×st 1.5×st 2.3×st 3.0×st 5.0×st 9.3×st 15.7×st
Force (ton) 0.8 1.2 1.8 2.4 4.0 7.5 12.5
Hydraulic Valve Actuator